AB workouts: top 10 ABS exercises

Stomach hold

While sitting on a seat place your hands on the seat’s edge with your fingers indicating down.

Amplify your legs forward, and utilizing your abs lift them as much as you can while pushing up with your hands.

Hold the position no less than 5 seconds, then discharge and rehash for 10 times

Side crunch

While bowing shelter your correct side and place your correct palm on the floor.

Ensuring you keep adjust, lift your left leg, twist it in the knee and reach out in a moderate kicking movement

Come back to the underlying position and rehash with the inverse appendages.


Remain with your bolster isolated at mid length

Start the squat by twisting your knees

Ensure your back stays straight and that your knees and hip are the main things moving

When you achieve a sitting stature stand up gradually and rehash

Leg and arm raise

Begin on every one of the fours

Lifting your head up, raise your left arm and amplify your correct leg

Keeping them parallel to the ground hold the position for a few moments

Come back to the underlying position, gradually bringing down your arm and leg, and additionally the head

Rehash with the inverse side

The cobra

Lie confronting down with your palms close to your trunk

Pushing ceaselessly with your palms, lift your abdominal area and head as much as you can, without moving your legs

Hold the position for a few moments, then gradually lower to the ground. Rehash 10 times


Begin in a pushup position with your palms at mid length

Hold this position for 30 seconds, then take a stab at holding the position with just a single hand

Lay on your lower arms


While sitting on the floor amplify your legs forward

Lean your middle back 45°

Recline on your correct hand, and bring the left one over, in a ballet dancer like movement

Come back to the underlying sitting position, and rehash 8-10 times substituting sides you’re inclining toward

Leg lift

Lie on your back with your knees twisted and your hands by your body with the palms confronting down

Raise your head and shoulders starting from the earliest stage

Lift your arms marginally keeping them parallel to the ground

Lift your legs to the extent you sharp, while developing and keeping them straight

Breathe in while you lift


Get a 3-foot scarf or a towel

Rests and wrap the scarf around the chunk of your correct foot, holding both finishes of the scarf with your hands

Expand your correct leg while holding the scarf, and gradually “climb” your hands along the scarf while lifting your middle

The other leg ought to remain on the ground, twisted at the knee

Rehash with your left leg

Leg extend

Rests and broaden your legs

Get one knee with both hands, and force yourself up the extent that you can

Come back to the underlying position, then rehash with the other leg your left leg