The color of your urine is a health – indicator

Despite the fact that many individuals don’t know about it, or there are situations when they are, however don’t consider it important, our body’s pee can reveal to us a great deal about our body.

It can be a marker of various medical issues, and its shading, scent, or consistency can help us to acknowledge if something isn’t right with our wellbeing.

Pee is 95% water and 5% urea, potassium, creatinine, and different materials which are the by-results of the synthetic procedures required in the urinary and stomach related frameworks.

Urobilin is a waste item made from the breakdown of red platelets, the purpose behind the yellow pee shading.


The reasonable pee shows an excessively hydrated body – it may be an indication of broke up electrolytes and synthetic disbalance in the body.

Light yellow

On the off chance that your pee has a light yellow shading, this implies your body is appropriately hydrated. This shading is considered as the most beneficial, typical pee shading.


This shows a contamination of the bladder that typically happens therefore of unreasonable measures of bodily fluid or proteins being separated in the body.

Medium yellow

This is the fundamental indication of drying out. On the off chance that you see this pee shading, we very prescribe you to build your utilization of water.

Dim yellow

This is an indication of a more genuine level of lack of hydration. It can likewise demonstrate a substantial nearness of vitamin B. It is prescribed to drink a lot of liquids like water or tea.


In the event that your pee shading is orange, this is an indication that you have intemperate measures of bilirubin in your body. It can likewise show gallstone deterrents in the bile conduit or can be a consequence of urinary tract medication.


This pee shading can happen accordingly of eating excessively beets. Nonetheless, it can be a genuine marker that there is blood in your pee, so in the event that you see this shading in your pee, you ought to visit your urologist quickly.

Darker shade of pink

As a rule, darker shade of pink is an indication of genuine condition. It shows a lot of blood in the pee, and it is an indication of genuine illnesses including a contamination of the bladder, or at times considerably disease. You ought to visit your specialist promptly!

Truly dim pink

This implies a great deal of blood in the pee. It is unquestionably growth, yet anyway, you ought to check this with your specialist.


This pee shading is a consequence of a few prescriptions like the anti-infection metronidazole or the counter intestinal sickness chloroquine. Additionally, it can happen thus of working out excessively.

For this situation, the myoglobin utilized for vitality blends with organic liquids like pee or blood. In any case, it is prescribed to visit a urologist keeping in mind the end goal to do a myoglobin test since it can be an indication of liver ailment too!

Blue or green pee

This is an aftereffect of over the top measures of counterfeit hues in the body. Likewise, it can be a nearness of inconsequential nourishment things like jello, or drugs like Uribel, known to contain blue methylene. This is nothing genuine and you can take out from your framework with a considerable measure of hydration!