How to naturally remove body hair permanently. (No waxing or shaving)

This is a 400-year old characteristic cure which starts from Myanmar (once in the past Burma). This old cure will enable you to kill the body hair for all time without waxing or shaving them. This is a corrective issue for some individuals around the globe. Along these lines, rather than some costly medications, this is a characteristic cure with no reactions. Along these lines, the best answer for this chafing issue is to utilize Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil.

Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil

In the Burmese dialect, Thanaka implies elephant and the Thanaka powder is a delicate bark powder out of the burmese Thanaka tree. It is generally utilized for advancing the skin quality. Then again, Kusumba oil is squeezed out of the seeds of the valuable Kusuma blossom utilizing a particular squeezing strategy to get the oil out of the little seeds. It contains astonishing saturating properties and it is frequently consolidated with Thanaka powder.

Hair Removal Treatment

This is a home grown based perpetual hair expulsion treatment, which makes the hair more slender, gentler and imperceptible.


unadulterated Kusumba oil

unadulterated Thanaka powder

Guidelines for Face Application:

You should join 1 tablespoon of Thanaka powder with the 2 tablespoons of Kusuma oil until the point that you get a thick salve. At that point, apply it on the face where you need to evacuate the hair. Abandon it for no less than 2 hours and wash it off. Alternatively, abandon it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

Guidelines for Body Application:

For this reason, you should blend unadulterated 2 tablespoons of Thanaka powder with the 5 to 6 tablespoons of Kusuma oil until the point when you get a thick salve. Apply the salve over the territory of undesirable hair become over the body and let it represent no less than 2 hours. At long last, wash it off. You can likewise keep it overnight and scrub down in the morning.

You can rehash the treatment consistently for 3 weeks. Moreover, you can include some turmeric powder and mature papaya piece to the glue to light up your skin composition.

Evaluations of Thanaka Powder

There are 3 evaluations of nature of Thanaka powder: review A, which is unadulterated frame found in Burma, while review B and C are blended shape with multi Matti and shoe powder found in Malaysia and Thailand. Indeed, review B and C are utilized as a face pack and can help in the treatment of skin inflammation stamps and dark spots.

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